Technology graphic

Palmo Inc. seamlessly integrates technology services with creative services. Here are a few examples of how we use technology creatively, to maximize impact and lower costs.


XML (sort of like HTML's smarter brother) is a great way to organize content for easy re-use. Using XML combined with XSLT and CSS, we've transformed content locked in traditional print media into interactive web sites. We've also used it as a way to help clients store and re-use case histories and learning lessons without the complexity of a database.

Web Applications

We're active developers of web applications in PHP, Ruby, and other server-side languages, and our object-oriented approach makes these applications easier to maintain.

Online Customization of Marketing Materials

Is your department barraged with requests for the same ad, flyer or announcement — with each one requiring only a slight modification? Our technology enables users to interactively customize designated sections of marketing materials, right from any web browser, and receive a production-ready PDF of the finished product.