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Web Sites

On one hand, a web site is a key element of your brand — a dynamic communications platform that positions your organization to its audiences. And on the other hand, a web site is a sprawling whirlpool of technology — one that must be constantly fed with new content and updates.

Palmo Inc. is ideally positioned to assist you with both of these challenges.

  • Our expertise in branding means that we always see a web site in its larger context. We understand that it must reflect the very essence of your organization in terms of not only its message, but also its functionality and organization.
  • Our technological expertise enables us to create web sites that are truly unique. Rather than old-style tables, we use standards-based CSS and XHTML to effectively separate content from presentation — simplifying maintenance and enhancing your ability to re-use web content in other media. And since we hand-craft the code rather than relying on templates, clients enjoy a unique look that doesn't feel boxed in.

Banner Ads

We have created web banners, including award-winning animated ads, for a wide variety of clients.

Adaptive Re-use

Because our projects are often implemented in a variety of media, we offer expertise in transforming existing print materials into fully interactive HTML, including tools and techniques that automatate this conversion.